All of the taste, none of the gluten.

All of the taste, none of the gluten!

All of the taste, none of the gluten!


It is with regret that we have decided to close Vida Villi.

As a lot of you know, we combined full time jobs with running our gluten-free food business. This worked for 2 years but with the declining health of Carole's parents, the pressure on our time has become too much. Since October last year we have been scaling back our market attendance and in December we stopped our wholesale business. Our expectation for 2017 was to carry on supporting our local Hovingham Market once a month to fulfil the needs of our loyal fan base. Hovingham was the birthplace of Vida Villi almost three years ago. Regrettably we haven't been able to attend this as often as we would like and with Carole's father being re-admitted to hospital again, it is with heavy heart that we have decided to close the doors on Vida Villi rather than let people down.

We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the foodie market scene. We were passionate about our product and we proved that gluten-free food does not need to be tasteless or expensive so don't accept anyone who says it can't be done. Equally, don't accept imitations or manufacturers who claim their products are gluten-free; ask them to prove it, we were always very happy to.

To our loyal customers, we thank you for your support; a lot of you have become friends and we will see you again no doubt. Without you, none of this amazing three year ride would have been possible.

To the market/event organisers, thank you for all that you do often in very inclement conditions. A special thank you to Hovingham Market who gave us a guest stall back in 2014.

To our fellow traders, we wish you all the very best. We will definitely miss the banter. On those Saturday mornings at 7am when the wind and rain is howling we will be thinking about you.

Take care.

Robert & Carole